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  1. Dear Ed,

    As a photo editor for the German health magazine “Vital” I’m looking for a hi-res photo of your beautiful stars app. We’d like to introduce this to our readership.

    Is it possible to receive a high resolution file of one to three screenshots, please? Sadly we are quite a bit in a rush so I’d need a photo until tomorrow morning, September 5th.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Wiebke Kuehlke
    freelance photo editor “Vital”

  2. Dear Mr. Sanville,

    I like StarMap 3D+ very much, it’s a great app! There are a few minor errors in the German translation: For example, in the Constellations section of the preferences, the item “Lines” is untranslated (should be “Linien”), and instead of “Klassiker” it probably should be “Klassisch” (which means “classic” as opposed to “The Classics”).

    One little question: How (often) are the data for satellites, asteroids and comets updated? I remember from my previous astronomy apps that they need to be kept current, but I haven’t found an option to update the data. Does StarMap do this automatically?

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Tim,
      Thanks for your informative message! I will correct those translation errors right away.

      You’re right, the satellite orbits need to be updated regularly, but StarMap 3D+ does this automatically when it starts up. You must be connected to the internet for the orbits to update. The orbital data that is downloaded will be 12 hours old (at most).

      The app’s satellite positions will deviate from their true positions by only 1 km per week, though, so the data should be very accurate even if you’re not connected to the internet for a couple of weeks. I hope this answers your question sufficiently, and thanks for using the app!


  3. Any chance of publishing a light “user manual”? Maybe for now you can tell me what the highlights in the satellite list signify. I thought that this must be indicating which would soon be visible to me, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Also, please explain why some “viewing opportunities” have a highlighted star while others do not.

    Three suggestions that I believe would make this awesome app even better.
    1. Put an option for “now” in the sighting opportunity reminder.
    2. Add close ups of planets, major galaxies, and objects, similar to google maps street view. It would be amazing to zoom in to the best pictures available of these objects.
    3. If possible, allow us to change our orientation to other bodies such as the moon, space station, and other planets. I would love to look at the sky from another planet! ( hopefully in your 3d mode)

    Thanks for the awesome job!

    • Thanks for the great comment, Steve!

      We are currently working on a user manual, but I’m not sure when it will be ready. We will include it in a future update, as well as on this website. To answer your questions:

      a) The highlights in the satellite list indicate which satellites are above your horizon. If you linger on the satellite list, however, the highlights may become out of date as the satellites rise and set above/below your horizon. To refresh the list, simply click Sky and then click back to the Catalog.

      b) The stars next to the viewing opportunities indicate how good that opportunity is. This is based on the maximum elevation that the satellite reaches in your sky. A gold star means the satellite gets above 60 degrees, while a silver star means the satellite gets above 30 degrees. No star means the satellite only gets to between 10 and 30 degrees above your horizon, and may not be so easy to find.

      Thanks for the great suggestions, I will add them to my To-Do list!


  4. I can not undersatnd how to type coordinates since the next charaxters are not available in the display.
    ° ‘ ” ,
    Let’s say how to type:
    41°52’21.14″ N , 84°06’38.28″ W
    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Jesus,
      You must type the decimal latitude and longitude, rather than using minutes and seconds.

      For your example, this would be:
      41.8725389 N = 41 + (52 / 60) + (21.14 / 3600)
      84.1106333 W = 84 + (6 / 60) + (38.28 / 3600)

      I hope that helps!


  5. Hi there. Great App.!
    I am a pilot often flying by night. Entering the position coordinates is not easy, because there is no decimal point in the offered keyboard. Also I’d like the option to use UTC time, as it is now, I have to enter the local time for my position. Moving with 400knots I often have to change my position and using UTC I wouldn’t have to worry about the time.
    Hope to see that in one of the next updates.
    Thank you very much for that Great App.

    • Hello Ingo,
      Those are great suggestions. I will include them in the next update.

      You have an excellent point about the missing decimal point in the number pad. I’m not sure what I was thinking there! It will be fixed in the next update. A UTC time option will also be included.


  6. This is an amazing app that I use with my 7 year old son, however, I now have a tablet running android. Is there a version I may get for that system?

    Thanks for the great app.

    • Hello Michael,
      Thank you for the compliments!

      We are currently working on a version of StarMap 3D for the Android platform, however it could be a few months before it is released.


  7. Is it a bug? Since the last update the app hangs. When I start the app it always shows “Nord” an not the sky where I am. I tried enable and diable tracking, changed all modes and so on. Also restart the iPhone. Nothing helps. What can I do?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hello Mickey,
      I’m sorry about your problems running my app.

      I would try these steps:
      1. Restart your device (hold down the power button until it says “Slide to power off,” then press power button to turn it back on)
      2. Delete the app (touch the icon and hold down until the icons jiggle, and press the circular “-” button)
      3. Re-install the app from the App Store

      Please let me know if these steps correct the problem. Again, I’m very sorry about this issue.


  8. I purchased Starmap 3D+ through the AppStore. Is there an option for “Full screen”? On the iPhone 5 in landscape mode, the options and title bar takes up much of the available screen space…

    • Hello Mark,
      I have moved the tab bar to the right side of the screen in landscape mode to free up some vertical space. I hope this helps a bit.


  9. hi I just wanted to ask you if I could take a picture of the stars myself and then the starmap 3D+ would tell me what specific stars and planets are before me or is it just what i get in the app

    • Howdy,

      We’d love to add that feature! Unfortunately the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad cameras are not sensitive enough to take a picture of the night sky so we’ve done the next best thing. If you have an iOS device with built-in GPS and compass both are enabled, you can hold your device up to the night sky and it will show you the stars you’re able to see from your position. You may need a pair of binoculars or a telescope to see all the stars available in the app. Hope that answers your question!


  10. I have the 3D+ app on my 4S and works great! Love it. My wife has it on her 5 and the auto locate puts her in the ocean off the coast of Africa. We live in Illinois. We have tryed deleting and reinstalling it. That didn’t fix it. Help plz

    • Hello John,
      Is your wife’s iPhone 5 detecting your correct location with its GPS? You can check this in the Maps app.

      If it is, try ensuring that StarMap 3D+ has permission to use the Location Services. This is found in Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.

      Finally, make sure Location Services are being used by StarMap 3D+. From within StarMap 3D+, go to Settings -> Location, and make sure “Location Services” is set to the “On” position.


  11. After l updated my iPhone5 to iOS7, my starmap 3 D quit working. It only comes up as a black screen. Seems there are no updates on the app yet. Please fix it because l love this app.

  12. Hi,

    I’ve encountered a bug that you’ll probably be able to fix pretty easily. The StarMap 3D+ app on iOS7 will not distinguish between objects that are under or over the horizon when in the search mode.

  13. When will this app be available for Android? I use it all the time on my wife’s iPad, but I would like to use it on my Android phone. Amazing app by the way, thank you.

  14. Hello,
    Very happy with the app and use it regularly, thank you. Hoping you will consider adding a observation log in a future release. I currently record all my observations in Pages as I have not found a good, astronomy logging app. Regards, Mike

    • Hi Michael,
      This sounds like a really interesting idea. If you contact me via e-mail, I would like to see some examples of your observation log, (if you don’t mind). This way, I will have a better idea of what kind of observation log features you are interested in.


  15. The best star map I had found for ipad. Well thought out settings. Good enough to use both for visually finding stars and constellations and at the telescope to find deep sky objects using the app as a star hopping guide for the finderscope. Works great without internet connection or location services, which is useful when far away from city at the dark sky site. Would like the app even more if the adjustable star magnitude went down to 9. That would allow the user to set the app to show the same number and brightness of stars that appear in the finderscope.

  16. Hey,
    This app looks promising. I have little money, so before I treat myself I was wondering two things (these are not make-or-break questions, by the way; your app looks very good!):
    1. Does it include recently discovered Oort cloud/trans-Neptunian objects like Sedna (there are some very cool new unnamed ones, too)?
    2. Does it include any exoplanets known to be orbiting other stars?


    • Hello,

      THanks for your interest in my app!

      The app does include nine trans-Neptunian objects, including Sedna, but it does not include any exoplanets at this point. I plan to add exoplanet support in a future update, however.

      The trans-Neptunian objects included right now are:
      2002 TX300
      2007 OR10

      I hope this helps!


  17. Me encanta la app pero en el iPhone5s no me funciona bien el catálogo. Tengo iPad, iPod y iPhone4s y en todos ellos me aparecen varias oportunidades de observación de la ISS en agosto pero en el IPhone5s sólo me aparecen las oportunidades de observación de Septiembre. A otro amigo que también tiene el 5s tampoco le aparecen. La aplicación está actualizada en todos los dispositivos en lo que lo hemos comprobado.

    • Gracias, Bartleby. Voy a investigar este problema en el iPhone 5S.

      ¿Está su ubicación configurada correctamente en el iPhone 5S?

  18. Sí. Hemos comprobado que la ubicación estaba correctamente configurada tanto en ajustes como en la app. De hecho hemos comprobado que tenemos exactamente las mismas opciones en todos los apartados y en todos los dispositivos y sin embargo no nos aparecen las mismas oportunidades de observación por ejemplo de la Estación Espacial Internacional. Gracias por la pronta respuesta.

  19. Thanks to your app, I became aware that there was a Comet Jacques in the sky! However, the position seems to be incorrect–it shows it right beside Mars, when other apps,show it much farther west.

    I looked for a way of updating comet info, but didn’t find that option. (I may have overlooked it.). In any event, hope that you can update the comet info!

    • Hello Robby,
      The comet data should update automatically every 28 days. Unfortunately, there is no way to manually update the cometary data, but that will be added to the next update.

      I just checked the celestial coordinates for Comet Jacques on my local version of the app, and it appears to agree with the NASA coordinates (to within a few minutes of arc). Have you updated to the latest version of StarMap 3D?


  20. StarMap 3D+
    It’s a beautiful app but am having a hard time understanding of how to use it.
    Any update on when a user manual will be available?

    Also, can I search for a particular planet?

    • Hi Tony,
      A manual is one of the things I am working on right now. To answer your question about searching for a particular planet:

      You can search for any type of object by touching “Catalog,” and then selecting the type of object you’d like to search for. So, to search for a planet, you touch “Catalog,” and then touch “Planets.” There, it will list the 8 planets of our solar system. Touching one of them will select it in the sky. You can follow the red arrow to located the planet. I hope this helps you!


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